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What I Do 

Areas of Practice


  • Independent Workplace Investigations


Conduct of fully independent and impartial investigations pursuant to the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, Canada Labour Code/Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, Human Rights Acts, and workplace policies in relation to allegations of harassment, sexual harassment, bullying or workplace violence. Preparation of peer reviewed reports, including findings and recommendations.

  • Independent Legal Counsel for Victims of Sexual Assault


​The prosecutor is not acting on behalf of the victim but is in fact representing the public in all criminal prosecutions. ​There are situations that arise where victims have the right to independent legal counsel in cases involving sexual violence.

The defendant may seek to introduce other sexual history or make application for third party records (therapeutic or counselling notes or other types of records). The victim will require a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate lawyer to protect privacy and dignity interests throughout the process.

  • Training

Interactive seminars with reference to the guiding legislation and case studies are used to discuss best practises in both common law and civil law systems.


Practical and legal tools, including handling of vulnerable witnesses, introduction of expert evidence, admissibility of forensic evidence, all with an emphasis on the Art of Advocacy. 


Training can be customized to deal with particular issues within the jurisdiction including sexual and domestic violence, human trafficking and other areas.

Training of trainers can be customized and delivered to strategically selected members of an organization in order to create a self-sustaining educational system with built in flexibility and growth.

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